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Superfood supplements include Berries Nuts Seeds Dark green vegetables Citrus fruits Omega rich fish Fruit and Vegetables Wild Mushrooms Legumes Peanuts Lentils Beans Raw cocoa Whole grains

All Supplement Uk Index suppliers are Uk based Soil Association Organic certificated Kosher certificated

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 Acai Immuno Defence

Acai Immuno Defence is a high potency formulation which combines Brazilian freeze dried acai berry powder and extract with a range of other beneficial ingredients including vitamins minerals and herbs such as zinc vitamin B6 biotin organic Moringa Oleifera and beetroot compounds as well as vitamins minerals and medium chain fatty acids

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                                                                    Turbo Brain

ashwagandha botanical complex

Ashwagandha Botanical Complex is a synergistic combination of herbs roots reishi mushroom and vitamins see below formulated to help combat stress and adrenal fatigue while also supporting the immune system energy levels mental perfomance and a general sense of calm focus and vitality

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 Cherry Beet Complex

Cherry Beet Complex combines beetroot powder and extract with Montmorency sour cherry powder and extract to provide a concentrated 4500mg per capsule Combination cherry and beetroot capsules are particularly popular with athletes Allied with vitamin B6 black pepper and turmeric this supplement offers those who place high demands on their body a winning combination for high energy levels stamina immunity and general well being

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 GreeNourish Complete

GreeNourish Complete is no ordinary green shake this high fibre combination contains 35 green foods fruits berries herbs seeds and bio active enzymes in a single serving see below organic vegan nutrition made easy with naturally high food form vitamin C content as well as plant protein

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 Hemp Nourish

Unlike many other hemp protein powders on the market Hemp Nourish contains no hexane or other toxic chemicals which are often used during the hemp protein extraction process Our hemp protein is extracted using only water pressure and then flocculation

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MaxNourish is a 100% organic Soil Association and EU organic certified food supplement with 14 nutritious fruits vegetables and herbals Originally based on a formula by master herbalist Dr John R Christopher with the addition of some other potent superfood

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Multi Mushroom Organic

This food supplement is certified organic by the soil Association, This means no toxic pesticides or fertilisers have been used resulting in a clean more biopavailable product.

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This Superfood Supplement offers ideal support for the immune system collagen formation blood vessels bones cartilage gums skin teeth energy yielding metabolism the nervous system the protection of cells from oxidative stress the reduction of tiredness and fatigue the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E and iron absorption

NaturaC more
I nformation



PeaNourish is a concentrated pea protein powder plus phyto nutrients and antioxidants from nine other superfoods and herbs

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ricenourish chocolate flavour, all supplements uk index,
 ricenourish chocolate flavour 

RiceNourish a vegan protein powder blend with brown rice protein plus green tea extract guarana seed extract and fibre from chicory root extract

RiceNourish Chocolate Flavour more Information


 Sea & Soil supplement

The iodine rich food approved seaweeds contribute to normal cognitive function normal energy yielding metabolism normal functioning of the nervous system the maintenance of normal skin the normal production of thyroid hormones normal thyroid function and the normal growth of children

Sea & Soil supplement more Information


Turmeric herbal combo

Tumeric Herbal Combo is a unique combination of turmeric powder with synergistic extracts herbs and nutrients which supports bone health and immunity as well as energy levels cognitive function hormonal balance acid base metabolism macronutrient metabolism nails skin hair and more all in one easy to take supplement

Turmeric Herbal Combo more  Information


 Turbo BRAIN

Turbo BRAIN is a powerful food supplement for the brain a natural nootropic and nutritional cognitive enhancer It contains a special combination of herbs vitamin and mineral ingredients that support focus concentration mental performance memory recall and energy levels With a number of scientifically backed and EFSA approved health claims

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 superfood supplements
all supplements uk index
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All products are sold as Food Supplements None of our products are sold as a medicine Before taking food supplements especially if you are currently taking medication it is advised to speak to your healthcare practitioner as some supplements may interfere with the way some medications work or may not be suitable for your condition These products are not intended to be used to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease or health condition Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balance diet and a healthy lifestyle Always follow the directions on the label or take advice given by your healthcare practitioner Adverse reactions are rare but if you experience any discontinue use immediately and speak to an healthcare practitioner Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight Keep all supplements out of the reach of children Do not use after the use by date

All Our suppliers are Uk based Soil Association Organic certificated Kosher certificated

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